Friday, November 20, 2015

New Blog

  For quite some time now, I have been shooting portraits under the name Giggle Box Photography. When I discovered Etsy, I opened a shop called Studio Number 7 for my fine art photography. Trying to blog and post on Facebook, Flickr, etc. with two names has been a challenge! Rather than continuing with two separate names, I recently decided to simplify and keep everything under Studio Number 7.
  I still plan to continue to blog about photography, family, travel and other (hopefully interesting) stuff. My NEW photography blog is: I hope you will come visit me there!

Thanks so much!


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Photo Wall Displays

   After months of saying that I was going to switch out some framed photos in my stairway, I finally did it. I wanted to display various coastal pictures I have taken. Most are in my Etsy shop but I have not put many up in my home yet. It is amazing how much framing adds to photos. I can spend an hour looking through framed art wall displays on Pinterest. I also love large scale images and posters.
   Most everyone can take pictures with their cell phone these days, so I think there is more of a tendency to keep digital files and never print them. We often have good intentions but never get around to it. I did not do the most fabulous job hanging my pictures up, but I'm happy with my display! I couldn't get a good shot of my pictures on the wall because the weird angle, but here are a few of my coastal pics:

These are some photography wall displays on Pinterest that I really like: